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Karitas is a clinic in West Covina that offers ketamine infusions for the treatment of depression, chronic pain, and other debilitating conditions.

About Karitas Ketamine

We are not a traditional pain / psychiatry clinic and we do not provide any of those services. Most of our patients have already exhausted all of the treatment avenues available to them with little or no results. Our Ketamine infusions are designed to work in conjunction with, and auxiliary to your current medical regimen.

We accept all patients who have been referred by their physician. For those clients who have contacted us directly, before commencing treatments your doctor will need to fill out a Patient Care Form confirming your diagnosis and your ongoing care. Rarely, in more severe cases and if we deem it necessary, we may require you to have an updated psych evaluation done before we can begin treatment. If you have any questions about our services, contact us or visit our West Covina ketamine clinic.


Ketamine effectively improves depressive symptoms in 70% of patients, and can reduce chronic pain symptoms for up to six consecutive months. It is a highly effective, safe, and innovative depression treatment that could change — or save — your life or the life of a loved one. Find out more about research on ketamine treatment for depression and other clinical study findings.


Matt Matiko, Anesthesiologist

Matt Matiko, Anesthesiologist


Dr. Matt Matiko grew up in sunny Southern California where he attended Loma Linda University to earn his MD and completed his residency in Anesthesia. To further understand and treat pain, Matt completed an additional Acute Pain Fellowship at the Oregon Health & Science University. At OHSU he became an expert on peripheral nerve and neuraxial nerve blocks.

After working in Seattle for two years, the gloomy weather forced him to move back to California where he practices Anesthesia full time both in the in- hospital and private practice arenas. Dr. Matiko recognizes that mental health disease and chronic pain are emerging epidemics in our country and that way too many patients are left without good treatment options. This is what determined him to start Karitas Ketamine in West Covina and provide affordable ketamine infusions for patients in his community.

To de-stress, Matt enjoys playing ice hockey, watching documentaries, travel photography, and attending live music concerts.

Andrei Calugaru, CRNA

Andrei Calugaru, CRNA


Andrei is a Nurse Anesthetist and co-founder of Karitas Ketamine Clinic. He has been working as a CRNA for Kaiser Permanente since 2014 where he has provided thousands of anesthetics for nearly every type of surgery or procedure. In 2017, he founded a private practice anesthesia group specializing in endovascular interventional radiology. Before becoming a CRNA, Andrei worked at UCLA and Loma Linda University in nearly all critical care arenas including Cardiothoracic ICU (which has always been his favorite specialty), liver transplant, neuro-trauma, and Medical ICUs.

In recent years, severe depression and chronic pain has become a very personal issue for Andrei when his father became ill. First came incessant and debilitating chronic pain, then came depression. After years spent seeking a solution from nearly every kind of specialist, modern medicine came up completely empty handed. Andrei witnessed first-hand the struggle millions of Americans face without any success or relief. This experience inspired him to start the Karitas Ketamine Clinic and rescue others who are currently in need of help. His favorite part of starting the Karitas clinic is seeing the positive impact ketamine infusions have on people’s lives, especially when all else had failed.

When not at work, Andrei is an avid traveler and photographer with a very long bucket list to get to! No break is too short to try to visit a new destination. He also enjoys snowboarding, visiting all the foodie spots, and spending time with his goldendoodle, Archer.

A.J. Zalsman, CRNA

A.J. Zalsman, CRNA


AJ Zalsman is a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist). He was born in Hong Kong to medical missionary parents. He completed his BS in Nursing from Loma Linda University and completed a Masters Degree in Anesthesia from Kaiser Permanente/Cal State Fullerton. He worked for several years in the operating room at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Loma Linda and is currently a staff CRNA at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana. He also provides anesthesia for several pain specialists as well as plastic and orthopedic surgeons in the Inland Empire. AJ, with his wife Leah, is also a parent to two daughters. He spends most of his free time coaching and playing golf and is also an avid ice hockey player.


(Latin noun) meaning love for all mankind, and charity
[kah-ri-tahs; English kar-i-tas]

In Latin theology, charity is the noblest of virtues. This virtue is exercised by loving God, and having unconditional love and respect of self and all of mankind. Our way of expressing caritas is by donating 2% of of our profits each year to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the leading national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education, and advocacy.

It’s Time to Get Your Life Back

Our mission is to help all those suffering and may benefit from ketamine infusions get their life back. Unfortunately, the ketamine infusions are still not covered by insurance (we hope that will change soon) and many in need are left priced out of treatments by prohibitively expensive clinics.

The Karitas team has worked very hard to develop a clinic system that not only provides the best care available today, but also makes it easily accessible and affordable. We are firm believers that what we do saves lives (literally) and we hope that soon enough everyone who needs us will be able to afford ketamine treatments.

Suicide is a heartbreaking and preventable issue. A lot of our clients who suffer from depression have considered suicide or even attempted it. Ketamine infusions are known to effectively treat and sometimes completely eliminate suicidal ideations in most of the patients who respond to treatment. Ketamine treatment for depression is literally saving lives.

How It Works

Consult with our experienced team to determine if ketamine treatment is right for you. Call us today at 1-877-527-4827 or submit this form request for a confidential phone consultation.


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