Part of effective mental health treatment is the creation and implementation of a mental health treatment plan. Here at Karitas Ketamine Clinic, we are proud to be a part of the treatment plan for our clients, which usually also includes therapy and other behavioral health interventions. Many of our clients come to us suffering from treatment-resistant depression. Other treatments simply haven’t worked for them, and they’re ready to try ketamine for depression.

Ketamine infusions are known to effectively treat depression in 70% of patients. We’ve worked hard to provide affordable ketamine infusions for West Covina and the broader Southern California community, and we are firm believers that what we do saves lives. We want everyone suffering from mental illness to be able to find and access the help they need. 

Ketamine infusions are simply one piece in a larger mental health treatment plan that provides structure for patients as they move forward on their healing journey. The beauty of a mental health treatment plan is that it helps you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that there are people there to help you take the steps to reach it. A good mental health plan helps people become unstuck and move forward. Continue reading to learn more about mental health treatment plans and if you believe ketamine for depression may be right for you, contact Karitas Ketamine Clinic today for a free 15 minute consultation.  

What Is A Treatment Plan?

The purpose of a treatment plan is to help give patients a guide towards reaching their goals. Having a clear plan is important for everyone involved, including the patient, doctors, counselors, and — if the patient chooses to share their plan — the patient’s loved ones.

Treatment plans provide the structure for change. They also help monitor progress, so that adjustments can be made, if necessary. Mental health treatment plans are comprehensive and incorporate all facets, including personal goals, psychotherapy, medication, and other treatments, like ketamine for depression.

Who Needs A Mental Health Treatment Plan?

Mental health treatment plans are for anyone living with mental illness or are experiencing mental health challenges. They’re for anyone and any issue, from PTSD to anxiety, depression, and more. Children, adults, seniors, families, couples, people in the criminal justice system, people being bullied or abused, people experiencing distress, people experiencing gender identity issues, and anyone else who is in need of behavioral health help. 

Mental health treatment plans are individualized, which means that they fit everyone and every difficulty differently. With such a wide range of people and challenges, there is no one-size-fits-all path to healing! 

Treatment plan templates do exist though and help in the creation of the plan, but these are more guidelines than a set-in-stone roadmap. As always, what works for one person may not for another. For example, ketamine for depression may be life saving for one person, but less effective for another. Here at Karitas Ketamine Clinic in West Covina, we remind patients every day that there is no magic cure all for depression and that ketamine infusions are just one part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Creating a Plan

Mental health professionals collaborate to develop a treatment plan. When doing so, factors such as the nature of the disorder, the client’s strengths and weaknesses, treatment approach, identification of the most important issues, are all taken into account. 

Treatment plans involve multiple steps and have both short- and long-term goals as well as a plan to reach those goals. Everyone involved in the plan has the primary goal of helping the client achieve what they need and want. If you are suffering from mental illness, you probably understand that mental health challenges are all-encompassing and impact many different aspects of your life. Your plan should identify these aspects and help empower you to address the distress in your life and move forward with a greater sense of wellbeing. 

How Can Ketamine Infusions Fit Into Your Plan?

Study after study — which you can read about on our Research & Press page — has found what a powerful tool ketamine infusions are in the treatment for depression. Ketamine infusions also continue to show promise in treating other disorders, including anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other psychiatric disorders.

Ketamine infusions can also provide very fast relief from depressive symptoms, which is incredibly important for those who are considering suicide and cannot wait for other medications to start taking effect. 

Because ketamine infusions can be so effective, patients sometimes say that they don’t want any other medication or psychotherapy, they only want ketamine. However, the benefits of ketamine for depression and other mental health disorders can only be sustained as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. That often includes psychotherapy, and many patients find that ketamine is effective when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. Ketamine helps the brain create new neural pathways, and CBT helps patients form more productive attitudes and behaviors. 

Karitas Ketamine Clinic West Covina

Our mission is to provide access to ketamine infusions for all those who could potentially benefit from this life-changing treatment. That’s why our West Covina clinic offers some of the lowest priced ketamine infusions in the entire nation. Follow our blog to learn more about ketamine for depression as well as other conditions for which ketamine can be useful — including severe anxiety, bipolar depression, and chronic pain. Visit our FAQ page, explore further ketamine research and press, and contact us today to set up an appointment.

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